If you have reached the breaking point in your relationship, you know you need someone to help.

Often when a romantic relationship is in trouble, there are unmet needs and past unresolved hurts that have not been addressed adequately.  Some people are reluctant to go for help and only agree to giving it one last chance. There may have been a break in the love bond through infidelity or a gradual distancing where it is not uncommon to hear “We never seem to deal with things – just sweep them under the rug” – until it comes up again, possibly in a slightly different form.

But healthy change is possible!  Sometimes one needs to explore the underlying expectations that have not been met, or hurts that have led to deep discouragement, a sense of alienation, and anger.  However, when both parties are willing to be open to listening to the other, with the intention of trying to understand the other’s perspective, then the basis for regaining trust in each other is possible along with a renewed commitment to the relationship.

I believe it is very important that I create a safe, respectful and supportive environment for couples looking for positive change.  Through honesty and the courage to be open to listening to each other, a mutually loving and fulfilling relationship is possible.  It is more than problems with communication, because you both were very good at that earlier in the relationship – it is about addressing the past hurts and unmet expectations that may or may not have been clearly articulated before.  When we feel heard and respected, and cherished as a mutual partner in the relationship, then hope and a willingness to make changes happen are possible.